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This is where the future stars of
the localization industry start their journey.

Who we are

Localization Ninjas are the localization industry's rising stars, they are a community of young talent in languages industry who help us to support and grow our community. We all know that localization is a key part in the success of globalized products, but how do you become a successful localization ninja?

The Localization Ninja program will be a chance to learn more about the unique skill set required in this industry, how to get started and how best to develop your skills. Translation industry veterans and world-renowned industry speakers will give practical advice and tips on how to succeed as a linguist or localization professional. We'll also do Q&A sessions after each speech!

If you are an entry-level localization enthusiast, or if you want to be one soon, this can help you tremendously.
Localization Ninja is building literally the world's first local language expertise database for the translation and localization service industry, which needs lots of talents!

About Us

Localization Ninja is a non-profit educational initiative started by El Turco in 2019.

We aim to equip translation students and professionals that are in the early years of their career with the skills sought after in the localization industry, closing the gap between the academia and the workplace.

We are also dedicated to creating a sense of community to support the ninjas throughout their career journey, and eventually, encourage them to share their own knowledge and expertise with the future newcomers.

Our Programs

Our industry is growing rapidly, and so is the shortage of trained talent.
New entrants to the industry often cannot reach the right resources and mentoring to help them to tick all the boxes for recruiters or build their sustainable freelance business.
With our Bootcamp, Masterclass, and Hands-on programs, we support and guide the localization enthusiasts at the various stages of their professional life.

The figures speak for themselves: 90% of former Ninjas say the program helped them to get the position they wanted or achieve their professional goals.



This is a 5-day long intensive program where a small group of senior translation students hear and learn from seasoned experts. The sessions cover all aspects of localization, from file engineering to LQE standards. Apart from the theoretical classes, ninja candidates participate in beginner-level translation and project management workshops.



This program is intended for language professionals who want to hone their skills in a specific area of localization. We match each participant with a master ninja from the industry, who helps and guides them in one-to-one sessions including goal-oriented assignments and individual feedback.



This is essentially a paid internship program with a special ninja touch. Ninjas, who preferably joined at least one of our Bootcamp or Masterclass programs before, get an opportunity to work at a language company where they meet and overcome everyday challenges of our fast-paced industry.


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Our Team

Would you like to know more about each instructor? Hear them out.

All Team Members
Onur Karaoğlanoğlu

Onur Karaoğlanoğlu

Software & UI Translation Instructor
Aslıhan Yeşilyurt

Aslıhan Yeşilyurt

Game & Media Localization Instructor
Esmer Ezgi Yalavaç

Esmer Ezgi Yalavaç

Marketing Translation & Transcreation Instructor
Cemre Boncuk

Cemre Boncuk

Project Management Instructor


Be a part of our localization community & learn and grow with Localization Ninja!
Take a look at what other Ninjas have to say about our program.


Project Coordinator

“These intensive training sessions paved the way for my employment at my company, where I learned what I now know about the localization industry. Getting to learn about localization processes, working with translation and quality assurance tools, and having the chance to receive feedback in one-on-one meetings enabled me to be confident in the industry as a fresh graduate.”


Freelance Translator

“I got introduced to the Localization industry with the Localization Ninja Bootcamp and got to know more about the processes involved, so I got to understand what did a workday would look like and what would I do if I decided to pursue a career in this field.”


Freelance Language Service Provider

My Localization Ninja experience sparked my interest in medical translation, to which I’m still grateful as most of my work still consists of medical translation and review. Here you end up learning the general overview of the profession and the different areas, but you also feel what it would be like to become part of such a community. Once a ninja, always a ninja.”


Intern Project Coordinator

“Thanks to Localization Ninja, I learned about the processes of localization, CAT tools and different roles in the industry. It provided me with a strong basis on which I could further build my skills. All that I learned in the program gave me a priority in my applications for internships and receiving jobs from individual clients.”


Customer Success Executive

“Thanks to Localization Ninja, I realized working in the localization industry is not necessarily a boresome activity!”


Freelance Localization Specialist

During the training, we got information about the history of localization, the workflow in a typical localization company, and the duties of the translator. It was a precious experience for me to work with the team.”


Freelance Localization Specialist

“Localization Ninja was one of the important milestones in my career. It helped me form an understanding of how the industry works and what is expected of me as a translator.”


Translation Intern

“Modern problems require modern solutions. The course you gave me about L10N is an excellent milestone in that regard. I'm so happy to start my journey with this starting point.”



“That first Ninja event which I think I was lucky to attend comes to my mind regularly, as I had the opportunity to meet valuable people and got to know how things work in the localization industry. I was able to hear from some of the people experienced and respectable in the industry. Perhaps, thanks to them I could motivate myself to work as a translator as I had dreamed of since high school.”


Reviewer at El Turco

“Localization Ninja was a compact and fast-paced experience enriched with live case scenarios, and the team definitely knew what they were doing. The result? My 3rd year in this career path that I started with the company I learned from.”


Project Manager at El Turco

“I can describe my journey as a one-week concentrated program equal to my four-year college degree in terms of localization.”


Freelance Translator

“Localization Ninja was a great and memorable experience. It was fun and full of learning. It helped me gain the confidence to work as a translator. The projects we worked on during the program taught me a lot about the industry – not just in theory, but also in practice.”



“Localization Ninja was basically a milestone for my career. It helped me to learn current industry requirements, develop myself while taking those requirements into consideration and discover and build a career path that is suitable for me.”