This program is intended for language professionals who want to hone their skills in a specific area of localization. We match each participant with a master ninja from the industry, who helps and guides them in one-to-one sessions including goal-oriented assignments and individual feedback.

About this program

Boost your career with the 5-day Intensive Localization Ninja Bootcamp

When Forbes conducted huge research in 2018, they found that nearly 90 percent of the whole world’s data was created within the last 24 months. This shows that we are creating A LOT of content every single day, and there is no doubt that the last 24 months before this day have seen similar meteoric growth. 

On the other hand, our digital-first universe forces even small businesses to globalize their content to reach out to wider audiences and increase their revenue. Hence, they are -and will always be in need of high-skilled professionals to help them reach their goals. Thereupon, we aim to turn fresh talents into professionals in the localization industry. 

Localization Ninja is a 5-day free bootcamp designed by El Turco to introduce senior students and fresh graduates to the localization world. Our experience comes from working with industry giants, and we are proud to share our know-how in the industry via this free bootcamp where a small group of senior translation students and fresh graduates hear and learn from seasoned experts to advance their careers. 

We have been organizing Localization Ninja boot camp since 2019 and sharing our expertise with young professionals, as it is crucial for us to get to know the fresh graduates stepping out into the industry and strengthen our network of professionals. Hence, it comes absolutely free of charge.

What to expect

The training covers all aspects of the localization industry, merging theoretical and practical knowledge to kick-start ninjas’ careers. Ninja candidates also participate in beginner-level translation and project management workshops with one-on-one feedback and are offered a certificate of completion. Surely, becoming a high-ranking ninja requires more practice; however, you will leave with substantial information about how to work in this industry with a knowledge of key concepts in the industry.

Who should enroll at this bootcamp

We strongly advise this bootcamp to those who plan their career in the localization industry and are determined to continue on this path, whether they are interested in becoming a linguist or project manager. While the program is curated as intensive training for those to join our industry, the background it provides equips the ninjas with basic knowledge about client expectations, file engineering and workflow management within various sectors, including marketing, user interface development and gaming. Off the record, these will come in extremely handy in job application and interview processes to boost your career!

Let’s talk about the schedule

There will be 9 sessions and 7 instructors. 

Day 1: “Localization 101” & “Linguistic Quality in Localization”

Day 2: “Localization Engineering and Auto QA” & “Software and UI Translation”

Day 3: “Marketing Translation and Transcreation” & “Linguistic Revision and MTPE”

Day 4: “Project Management 101” & “E-commerce Translation”

Day 5: “Game and Media Localization” & “Q&A Session”

About the certification

The Ninjas who attend all 5 days and don’t miss any session will get their Ninja certificates. Attendance to sessions is mandatory, and missing a session means missing the certificate.

Want to get involved or join the program?